JSPA prepares for 2020

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Junior School Parents Association (JSPA) was held on Tuesday 19 November. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the many ways we have continued to build a strong and vibrant community within the Junior School Kew. We acknowledged the dedicated service of the 16 JSPA Committee members, 35 Class Reps and the large number of Sausage Sizzle and other parent volunteers who invested their time and energy into making the most of their Carey experience in 2019. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success this year.

Libby Russell and Lee Taylor gave the AGM attendees an insight into the Continuous Feedback trial that has been undertaken in Year 3 this year. This honest and informative presentation demonstrated the significant benefits of timely feedback in developing student agency and we look forward to seeing this system rolled out across the Junior School Kew in due course.

We concluded our AGM by electing the 2020 JSPA Committee and, as most of the School is winding down, our focus is on planning events and initiatives that will bring our community together next year. This is made easier by having every year level represented on our committee; from ELC to Year 6. In 2020 we are a committee of 20 and we are very excited to welcome five new members who bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.  

Every family who enrols in the JSK is a member of the JSPA and you do not need to be an elected member of the Committee to attend a meeting. We encourage all members of our community to attend one of our meetings in 2020 – guests are always welcome!