'If I cannot fly, let me sing'

‘If I cannot fly, let me sing.’ – Stephen Sondheim

Singing is the cornerstone for our music making in Junior School. In the music classroom, students experience music through movement, music appreciation and of course, song. As they progress throughout the Junior School, students explore their voices, gain confidence to sing independently and learn what it is to be part of a large community of singers in year level and elective choirs.

Bumbl4 Choir
Bumbl4 has had its inaugural ‘early morning drop-off’ presentation and share time. In this session, parents and friends were able to attend Bumbl4 and hear a broad range of repertoire presented, as well as see how the choir has developed through an open rehearsal format. Bumbl4 are also very pleased to be presenting a song for our visiting parents during Open Morning, showcasing our compulsory choral program.

Whole School Choral Evening – Tuesday 30 July
Bel Canto and Vivace choirs represented Junior School at this celebration of everything in song. Held at the beautiful Besen Centre, our choirs performed a variety of works including the Australian work ‘Home’, and a Japanese work ‘Hisakata’ before joining with Carey Donvale, Middle and Senior School students to perform a stunning combined work, ‘In Paradisum’.

Junior Choral Victorian School Music Festival – Wednesday 7 August
Continuing with a theme of singing for the beginning of this term, both Bel Canto and Vivace participated in the Victorian School Music Festival (VSFM). During the VSMF, each group is able to perform before their peers and receive independent feedback from a choral expert. As well as this, they receive an ‘on stage’ tutorial session and are able to view other choirs perform of a similar standard.

Congratulations to all of our choral directors, Jane Summers, Lesley Collins and Frederica Cunningham for their fine work, so ably supported by our accompanist, Christine Luo. Both Vivace and Bel Canto received very favourable comments and were adjudicated to have performed at a gold standard.

Timothy Barker
Head of Junior School Music