Resilience in the ELC: Bouncing back

I hope you have noticed our resilience display near the entrance to the ELC. Educators are gradually putting up photos attached to springs of all the children, creating the image of the child ‘bouncing back’. This notion of bouncing back can be helpful to young children when talking about resilience.

As parents and educators, we need to provide models which support and encourage resilience in young children. The way we respond to mistakes is an opportunity to teach children that mistakes are part of learning. When we demonstrate a positive outlook, this helps children appreciate the positives in life and remain hopeful when faced with challenges. Other forms of role modelling for resilience include: listening and understanding, staying calm, showing patience, stopping and rethinking to problem-solve, persisting to achieve a goal, seeing strengths and taking responsibility, and being involved. 

Congratulations and thank you
We would like to offer congratulations to Weileisi (Oak room) and her family on the safe and happy arrival of a new baby boy this week.
Thank you also to the JSPA for their donation of two outdoor clocks for our ELC playgrounds.

Parents helping in the ELC
Educators in the kindergarten rooms will soon be putting up rosters to indicate when they would like parents to come and help in the rooms in Term 2. Children really enjoy having their parent come and spend an hour or two with them and it gives parents the chance to see their child in the group context.

Any parents wanting to come and spend time in the ELC must have a Working With Children Check and must present this to Tahnee in Junior School Reception so she can record this for us. 

Tuning in to Kids
Please let me know if you are interested in attending this course. For more information see the poster on your child’s room door.


  • Now that autumn is upon us it is important to remember to pack a warm jacket every day for your child so that they can feel comfortable if the weather changes.
  • Please remember to pack spare clothes every day for your child. If children have a toileting accident or get muddy and wet outside it is much easier for them to just get their own spare clothes from their bag rather than have to hunt for spare clothes from our ELC.
  • Please indicate who will be coming for your child on one of our Grandfriends Days next week.
  • Please make an effort to arrive on time. This can really help your child settle in, get to know the routine and feel connected with their group. 

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew