Taking your lead: 2021 ISV LEAD survey results

Thank you to all members of the Carey community who took the time to complete the satisfaction surveys conducted by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) in August of 2021.

The aim of the LEAD survey was to gain general feedback beyond the insights we have received through other means, such as the Shape the Future inquiry, to build a deeper understanding of your perceptions regarding the quality of your experience at Carey.

The survey was completed by 31% of the parent body, 53% of the student body and 51% of the exiting student body. The feedback provided was overall very positive, above the ISV mean with many areas to celebrate. Some areas for further attention were also highlighted.

Some high-level takeaways from the survey include:

Parent Survey

  • An overwhelming majority of parents reported that they are highly likely to recommend Carey to friends or colleagues.
  • Resources at Carey are considered excellent and there was a positive response to the building program in the past 10 years.
  • There is a breadth of offering, including a range of learning opportunities as well as co-curricular offerings.
  • As a school, we can do better at celebrating success of the school and of individual performance in a range of areas.
  • A more consistent approach to wearing the school uniform was identified, particularly in Middle and Senior School.

Student Survey

  • Students generally feel that there are appropriate expectations at school and are well supported to achieve success.
  • Students feel that they are generally well prepared for transition and feel confident moving to the next year level or stage of schooling.
  • Students feel that they are given clear advice in Year 10 and 11 about their future and feel confident in making decisions about their pathways beyond school.
  • Students were generally ‘less positive’ about their whole school experience through the adolescent years.

Year 12 Exit Student Survey

  • Students feel that they have been academically challenged and encouraged to do their best.
  • They had excellent opportunities to contribute to community and co-curricular programs.
  • The career education program was highly regarded, and students felt well-supported in taking the next step beyond school.
  • Valuing and celebrating the ‘whole person’ not just intellect (e.g. the ATAR) is an area for improvement.

The opinion of the whole Carey community is valuable to us, and again, we thank all members of the school community who completed the survey. The information obtained through the survey helps evaluate feedback, to improve the quality of education for students and enables benchmarking of Carey against other independent schools.

As a school, we are committed to addressing areas identified for improvement, and are currently working on solutions and improvements. The School Leadership Team is working closely with the school sections to create meaningful solutions to action the feedback we have received.

Work is currently being done in our Senior School to better understand and further enhance the experience of our students, and a review is underway to address current concerns about the uniform.

In an effort to further celebrate student success, the Middle and Senior School executive teams are celebrating achievements through assemblies, year level meetings, House activities, in classrooms and at staff briefings.

Through our ongoing work with the New Metrics program at the University of Melbourne, our development of a Learner Profile will evaluate and celebrate the ‘whole person’ and their own individual performance.

Whilst we welcome opportunities for development, overwhelmingly our results remain well above the ISV mean and this has certainly been a result to be proud of across the whole Carey community.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal – Learning