Carey’s International Physics Olympian

We are pleased to announce that Year 12 student Thomas has been awarded the silver medal at the International Physics Olympiad this year! This is a fantastic result for Thomas in such a competitive International Olympiad and a testament to his hard work.

‘I’m relieved it’s over, knowing that my hard work has paid off,’ Thomas says. ‘But even if the result was different, I’d still be satisfied knowing that I’m doing something I enjoy.’

Thomas’s passion for physics will continue after he finishes Year 12, when he plans to go to university to study a Bachelor of Science, majoring in physics. ‘I’m looking forward to tackling more physics problems in the future, and following my interests,’ he says.  

The International Science Olympiads are the Olympic Games for science students. Each year Australia sends teams to compete in the International Science Olympiads in Physics, Biology, Earth Science and Chemistry.

Hosted by a different country each year, the International Science Olympiads see top performing secondary students from around the world compete in experimental and theory exams. The competitions are overseen by an international governing body and are UNESCO-sanctioned. In addition to being academically challenging, the experience gives students the opportunity to make new friends from around the world and experience different cultures.

Competing at the International Science Olympiads is a huge head-start in launching a science career. Well done and congratulations to Thomas, we are very proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next.

Baljit Marwa
Leader of Learning – Science