Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

From its establishment in 1923, Carey has utilised donated funds to advance improvements across the School at a pace not otherwise possible. Each gift impacting students and the education they receive.

Recent donations have allowed seven additional humanitarian scholarship recipients to be welcomed to Carey – seven children who would not have received this wonderful opportunity without the generous support of the Carey community.

Gifts also funded assistance to existing students in need, the purchase of library resources, materials for the arts, sports equipment and, in time, online access to Carey’s archival collection. Donations advanced a number of Positive Education initiatives and were directed to major environmentally sustainable construction projects across the School.

Annual Giving is the primary opportunity for every member of the Carey community to direct a philanthropic gift to the School. Every gift is warmly welcomed and will accelerate the rate at which exciting plans can be realised for the benefit of every student. Please understand it is not the size of gift, but rather your gesture of support for Carey that would is very much appreciated.

Every donor will be recognised, unless anonymity is requested. The amount given remains confidential.

Please join in supporting Carey’s 2018 Annual Appeal and the challenge we all share in inspiring young people to do their best in every aspect of their lives. Carey is a vibrant, innovative and caring school, strengthened by our giving. Giving reflects a belief that Carey develops wise, independent and motivated young people ready to take their place in a world that needs what Carey offers.

There are ten key aspects of Carey seeking community support:

Humanitarian Scholarships

Thank you for considering a gift to help Carey students from refugee backgrounds to fulfil their potential and pursue their dreams. Your support will enrich our school community and make a Carey education a reality for students such as Moosay and Sarah from Myanmar and Kyizom from Tibet. Learn more about their journey at Carey here.

Donations directed to the Scholarship Fund for Humanitarian Scholarships are fully tax deductible.

The Positive Education Initiative

Positive Education assists individuals, communities and organisations to thrive by building on an individual’s existing strengths and virtues. This engagement has commenced at the Board and staff level and is currently being rolled out to students and parents. 

Carey has embarked on a whole-school approach, focussing attention on each individual’s positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments.

Donations directed in support of the Positive Education Initiative will assist students and staff to give their best to others, their families, friends, work colleagues and the communities they serve.

Inspiring Buildings

Carey’s determination to provide the best possible learning environment for students and staff reflects the School’s commitment to realising each student’s potential. Subject to Carey’s financial strength and the generous support of the School community, the Building Master Plan will be advanced as quickly as is prudently possible. Proposed major capital works are outlined in the Strategic Directions - Carey’s Future: Strategic Directions Towards our Centenary 2023.

Donations directed to Inspiring Buildings in 2018 will be directed to a proposed major redevelopment of the Middle School precinct.

Donations to the Building Fund are fully tax deductible.

The Carey Innovation Fund

To remain at the forefront of considered, educational best practice, Carey encourages innovative thought. To encourage, recognise and embrace innovative practice at Carey, an Innovation Fund has been established. Currently Carey is calling for written submissions from any member of the Carey community: staff, parents, students or Grammarians who wish to propose an innovative practice that will benefit the School. Funds to research and advance new practice will be provided in support of winning submissions. Donations directed to the Carey Innovation Fund will be utilised to advance innovative best practice at Carey.

Library Resources

Well-resourced libraries remain at the centre of every child’s learning experience at Carey.

The provision of relevant text-based and digital material remains a constant challenge. Whether researching a particular topic, reading for pleasure or working collaboratively, libraries offer physical resources and increasingly flexible learning spaces.

Donations directed to the Library Fund are fully tax deductible.

A Heritage Related project – Digitising the Collection

The Carey Archive houses in excess of 5000 items of historic and cultural significance, much of which was built up through the efforts of the late Alfred Mellor CBE, our past honorary archivist and OCGA Life Member. In a determined effort to facilitate broad access to the collection, a process of digitising the collection is to be undertaken. Once completed, the entire collection will be accessible to students, teachers and the community on CareyLink. Donations in support of this undertaking will assist in making the collection available to all. Digitising the collection will allow Carey’s past to live into the future.

The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts

At Carey, an appreciation and experience of the creative and performing arts is fostered across all year groups. Through art and design, music, and the performing arts, Carey nurtures in students the ability to explore and communicate feelings and ideas in original ways. As an essential part of our culture, a broad arts offering enables students to appreciate and express feelings in ways not otherwise possible. Donations directed to the Arts foster and strengthen the Artist in Residence program.

The Pursuit of Engagement and Excellence in Sport

Activities and study in the areas of co-curricular sports, PE and health aim to provide opportunities for students to adopt lifelong healthy and active living. The knowledge, understanding and skills taught through the Health and Physical Education program and co-curricular sport activities provide a foundation for students to enhance their own and others personal wellbeing. Whether participating for social or health benefits, striving to win, losing, whether as a team member or an individual, there are a multitude of life lessons to be learnt through playing sport. Donations directed to the Pursuit of Engagement and Excellence in Sport will be utilised to enhance opportunities for students to adopt lifelong healthy and active living.

Environmental Sustainability

Carey is determined to use resources wisely through environmentally sustainable practices to enhance building, landscapes and recreational spaces. Every effort will be made to ensure new facilities are attractive places to learn, work and play and are developed acknowledging sustainable aspects of building design and operation.

Donations directed to Environment Sustainability will be used to fund technologies to be embedded in the redevelopment of the Middle School precinct.

Donations directed to the Building Fund in support of Environmental Sustainability are fully tax deductible.

Means-Tested Support for Carey Families in Need

Funds raised will be used at the Principal’s discretion to assist existing Carey families - 'Carey’s Own' facing special need.

Whether as a first-time donor to Carey’s Annual Appeal, a pledge donor (over a number of years), having included Carey in your estate planning, or as a volunteer giving of your time to Carey, your support is keenly sought and would be highly valued. With broad community support, exciting projects are advanced at a pace not otherwise possible, fulfilling highest hopes and greatest expectations of Carey.

When schools flourish, all flourish.
Martin Luther (1483–1546)