From the Head of Middle School

‘No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.’ – Mary Kay Ash.

Every day you have tasks to do, people to see, interruptions to deal with, and deadlines to meet. You can do all the planning you want, and have the best of intentions, but it will all come to nothing if you do not make time to take action. Time can be your best friend or your worst foe, depending on how you manage it. As we hurtle towards the end of a full and productive term, it is worth reflecting on how we spent our time. What did you or your family achieve this term? Did you all stick to your New Year’s resolutions, did you get all your work done, did you organise your desk and study places, did you all keep active and love participating in your particular sport, did you practice your instrument as much as you should, did you watch the full box set of that series you love, and so on?

While reflecting on these really important aspects of life, it is also helpful to reflect on whether your family smiled (more than not), had fun (as I have said before family ‘water fights’ are great for adolescent mental health), helped someone else (made a difference to someone that needed help), spent time sitting quietly, noticed a sunrise, completed a ‘random act of kindness’, and/or told your grandparents you love them.

As I mentioned to the students in Assembly recently, and the Middle School Captains subsequently reiterated this, a great time management strategy is to have ‘micro ambitions’ – small things to do each hour to make a difference. Our lofty goals are sometimes difficult to obtain, and the measurement can often seem out of our control; therefore, little goals of significant impact are great ways of feeling like you are ‘moving forward’. Over Easter and the holidays I hope families have the opportunity to relax, reflect, rejoice, recharge and rejuvenate. As our lives continue to gather momentum, it is always important to find time to ‘just be’.

At this stage of the term, all classes will have completed a number of assessments and these results will be available on CLASSe. You also have the opportunity to discuss these results with your daughter or son at any time during the term, and can follow up key learning with them and their teachers during the Parent Student Teacher Conferences over the next couple of weeks.

I asked around the yard last week what the students have loved about Term 1, and almost no two answers were the same; however, the common theme that linked the thinking was passion and engagement. It is often said that ‘time’ is relative and this is no more evident when you analyse how you use it.

Michael Nelson
Head of Middle School