From the Head of Middle School

Riding the roller coaster
The past eight weeks have been filled with a full range of experiences and adventures for the Middle School. Whether it be experiencing Year 7 camp, beginning a new subject, performing in a concert, participating in a House activity, or progressing some sporting skills – they all provide a rich learning opportunity. One of the challenging aspects of the term has been the need to try to ‘shoe horn’ 10 weeks of activities into eight weeks with the early Easter, and it has been wonderful to see that for the most part students have coped very well.

It is amazing how much you can pack into a Middle School program. Carey is a very busy place and can at times feel like a fast moving roller coaster ride – a scary sense of anticipation, exciting ups, fast moving twists and turns, and challenging downs, all the while feeling a little bit out of control and when you stop at the end you get off for a break but can’t wait to go again. To help with the reflection of the ride, continuous reporting and Parent Student Teacher interviews have provided an opportunity to reflect on the learning journey throughout the term and identify the areas for future improvement.

These experiences, in many instances, have required students to adapt to change – new routines, new expectations, new skills to acquire. Research tells us that it takes time for a new action to change a habit or create a new one. The changes required to adapt to these new routines can be a challenge – getting up earlier, working more productively, taking a new approach because the old one is no longer appropriate. That said, improving learning, improving sport performance, or nailing something that had been difficult can be worth the effort and worth establishing a new habit. I hope that Term 1 has been successful in this way and good foundations for Term 2 have been established.

Our Easter Services over the last couple of weeks outlined the importance of being courageous and helping others and the Easter story. Rev. Bramley’s reflection and the service was very moving and illustrated the beauty and wisdom in the Easter message. Our Easter Service is a great credit to all those involved. As usual, the music performed by the Orpheus Choir, the Chamber Choir and the Concert Strings was excellent and a great end to the term.

I hope everyone enjoys the break in routine that the next two weeks will bring. Celebrate a joyous Easter with your family and we will welcome students on Tuesday 12 April refreshed, relaxed and ready for action.

Michael Nelson
Head of Middle School