From the Head of Middle School

New Beginnings
Welcome back to what promises to be an engaging, challenging and rich term. The cyclical nature of the school year allows for a wonderful ‘new beginning’ at the start of every term. Students can return after a holiday rested and rejuvenated with a new vigour and some self-reflection which can mean that there is a new sense of ‘hope’ and ‘promise’. Over the last couple of weeks of Term 1, and early this term, the Parent Teacher Student Interview sessions will also hopefully ensure some strategy around this new opportunity by providing some feedback and information to ensure that learning is focussed and productive over the rest of this semester.

In his book 5 Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner explores the idea that we need to cultivate five different ‘minds’ to help us to deal with what is expected in the future, as well as what cannot be anticipated. He refers to the ‘the disciplined mind’, ‘the synthesizing mind’, ‘the creating mind’, ‘the respectful mind’, and ‘the ethical mind’. He asserts that they span both the cognitive spectrum and the human enterprise.

In the Middle School we certainly focus on trying to provide opportunities for the ‘whole student’ to learn and flourish in the spheres of the 5 minds. Throughout Term 2 there are a wide variety of experiences that help to grow the ‘5 minds’ – ranging from our moving Anzac Service to the popular and fun House Theatre Games. All of these extra activities are further enhanced with our rich and engaging curriculum in the classroom.

A great way of getting ready to make the most of a new term is to ask some questions about the previous term and then set some goals moving into the new term. Below are a set of questions you might like to discuss at home as the students formulate some goals for this term.

•              Did you manage your work efficiently?
•              Were you organised?
•              Did you manage your time well?
•              How could you improve your study?
•              Did your achievements match your effort?

Co-curricular and wellbeing:
•              Did you gain as much from your co-curricular as you could?
•              Did you achieve your best and guide others to do the same?
•              Did you support others in the Middle School?
•              Did you make the most of your opportunities?
•              How can you make a positive difference in the family, school, community and world?

Michael Nelson
Head of Middle School