From the Head of Junior School

As Christmas draws closer it is heartening that the Carey students’ sense of giving is very evident. Last week we replaced our annual House fund raising afternoon with the farmer fund raising afternoon. The students participated in a variety of activities with their House buddy such as throwing the gumboot, obstacle courses and petting zoo. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was delightful.

We have had a very big year of fundraising and I thank you sincerely for your support. I often speak to new parents about what distinguishes Carey from other schools and in my view instilling a sense of social justice in our students is one such feature. Many schools say all the right things about instilling good values, but it doesn’t necessarily play out that way. Carey lives and breathes social justice. Our goal is to develop students with a strong sense of social justice that they act on. This has been part of the ethos of the school for some time and as such it is not surprising Carey has produced many high-profile social activists such Tim Costello and Hugh Evans. In the Junior School when a child is motivated to make a difference through actions it is important that we facilitate this when we can, as it nurtures the idea of social activism and empowers the student to make a difference. This can sometimes mean that there may be several different charities we support; however, we do try to keep in mind our strategic whole-school charity focus, while still providing opportunities for our budding social activists.

Last week there were two other highlights for me, the Year 5 production, The Magical History Tour, and the Year 3 celebration cafés. Both experiences highlight the power and richness of well-designed experiential learning. The Year 5 students shone in their varied roles and told the story of our past sensitively and honestly. The care and joy of the Year 3 students sharing their cooking and produce with their parent helpers was a delight to watch and also taste!

We farewelled several long and short-serving staff members at a special Farewell Assembly last Friday. They included Mr Peter Mitchell, Ms Louise Sayar, Mr Tristen Haines, Mrs Maggie Stannard, Mrs Sarah McLean, Mr Jim Fountain and Ms Skye Lao; and on long service leave, Mrs Marg Thomas, Ms Wendy Seidler and Mrs Bernice Hammet. It was a very special assembly and we finished by reminding all those staff members ‘once a part of the Carey family, always part of the Carey family’. We thank them for their contribution to the Carey Junior School and wish them all the very best in their new positions, retirement and long service leave.

I thank all staff for their dedication and hard work over the year. To all the children and their families, I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas break and I look forward to seeing everyone return refreshed and ready for another exciting year in 2019.

 Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew