From the Deputy Head of Junior School

House Athletics carnival – bravo!
Co-ordinating an athletics carnival in which over 500 children participate in running events, novelty events, relays and more is a great undertaking. The students of Burnet House were the victors at our recent rescheduled House Athletics carnival. The recent rains prepared the Bulleen campus ground well. The sun shone and the day ran without a hitch. It is a great community day where parents and relatives make a real effort to watch the Junior School students compete against each other. So many of our students supported each other – not just those who won but those students who needed extra encouragement to get past the finish line. I think our team spirit distinguishes us from many other schools. Notable thanks go to Alby Ingles and Cath Jackson who organise the day and run it so well, making it memorable for all.

The Junior School staff have been finalising your child’s Semester 2 report. The teachers use a number of assessment items to help them create a summative report on each child. We use a range of standardised tests, year level assessments and class assessments designed by the teachers. Many of these assessments might be in your child’s portfolio which comes home in the last week of school. Your child’s Semester 2 report will be accessible online and you will receive formal notification reminding you how to access it and your child’s Individual Learning plan (ILP) if applicable. The teachers will be at school until Friday 14 December which gives you plenty of time to see any of the teachers should you have a query.

Musical celebrations to mark the end of the year
The Summer Concert is a major school event for those students who have participated in various ensembles and choirs throughout the year. The children are indeed fortunate to be able to perform in a wonderful facility such as the IWA. It was the last performance for some of our Year 6 students and we especially thank them for their contribution to Music in the Junior School over many years. Thank you to our Music staff who work very hard behind the scenes, rehearsing and assisting students with their practice and repertoire to make this event happen.
We are grateful to have a group of highly professional and skilled music educators at Carey; we salute them and thank them. To top the week off, we celebrated the singing of our youngest choristers with the Piccolo Canto concert on Thursday morning. What a week of musical celebrations!

Year 5 Production: The Magical History Tour
It is that exciting time of the year in Year 5 as we approach the performance of The Magical History Tour, to be presented on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 November.
The children have been working very hard to craft original scripts based upon Australia’s history, make props, create and design costumes, and various other organisational elements that are required for what promises to be a stunning performance.
Parents and family are able to select tickets for the performances through TryBooking.
Please note that siblings are invited to attend the matinee performance, and MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the performance. All Year 4 students will attend the performance with their class teachers which prepares them for what lies ahead next year.
Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to be in touch with the teaching staff. The Year 5 teachers are not only amazing educators but have worked as a team to co-ordinate every aspect of the performances alongside the children. Special thanks to Jacqui Douglas who has lead the staff and children through the process.
We take this opportunity to congratulate the children and especially thank parents for their ongoing support of the Arts program in the Junior School.

2019 Orientation Morning
We welcome our 2019 Prep students tomorrow morning for their Prep Orientation session. It is an exciting morning for our Prep 2019 students and their parents as they experience the morning with their new teacher and meet new classmates for next year. Our Year 6 students have had a number of Year 7 Orientation sessions this term and tomorrow marks their official Orientation Day. Our Year 1 to 6 2019 students will have their Orientation morning next Tuesday with their 2019 teachers.
It is important that we encourage the students to meet this change with a sense of positivity and hope. The students will meet new friends and begin to make new connections with others that will continue into next year. At the end of the year, our staff conduct what we call handover sessions where they share pertinent information with the 2019 teacher to ensure that each child’s academic, social and wellbeing needs are shared with relevant staff. This also occurs between the ELC and Prep teaching staff.

Booklists for 2019
With only a few weeks of the school year remaining, it is important to consider ordering now for your child’s 2019 booklist. Students in Years 3 to 6 only require stationery and other items from our year level booklists which are available online through the Campion website.
You have the option to create an account or continue without one and order your child’s books and stationery online. Use the code K9PD to get into the Carey Junior School Kew booklist. You can pick up the items personally from Campion Education in Nunawading, from School in late January or have them delivered to your home. The earlier you order, the greater chance of goods being available for your child.
Booklist ordering online closes on Monday 3 December.
If you have any queries, please contact Louise Sayar or your child’s classroom teacher.

Au revoir
This is my last Carey Newsletter contribution as I am leaving at the end of the year to work as Head of Junior School at St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School. I am so grateful to the staff, students and parents of Carey who have made each and every day of my working life here interesting, fulfilling and joyful. Carey Baptist Grammar School is indeed a great school and I am so proud to have worked here and known all of you. Thank you for your support and well wishes as I transition into a new community. I extend my thanks, gratitude and love to you all.

Louise Sayar
Deputy Head – Student Learning