Crescendo at Cranlana for Habitat for Humanity

Every year, Habitat for Humanity hosts its annual Chairman’s Lunch at Cranlana, a house belonging to the Myer family and shared with the not-for-profit Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership. At the 2021 Chairman’s Lunch on 4 May, Carey’s Crescendo String Quartet had the privilege of performing once again at this beautiful location.

This year marks eight years of uninterrupted collaboration between Habitat for Humanity and Carey Baptist Grammar School. In the school holidays every year, groups of students make their way to a designated location to assist Habitat for Humanity with their mission to help low-income families to own an affordable home, and partner with people from local communities and all over the world to improve their homes.

‘We value the wider contribution made by the Carey community to our affordable home-building program and our life-changing work. We are very grateful for the contribution the students made on the day with such high quality music. We always receive a lot of positive feedback from our guests,’ Philip Curtis, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity said.

Crescendo String Quartet’s performance at the annual meeting was a meaningful experience for all participants. The Myer family is a significant philanthropic supporter of the arts in Australia, and Mr Baillieu Myer loves baroque music and always enjoys our students’ performances.

Silvio Stefan
Music Teacher

Feature image: Andrew (Year 12), Derrick (Year 12), Tiffany (Year 8) and Anton (Year 11) with Philip Curtis, Habitat for Humanity Executive Director.

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