Carey Donvale Parents Association President (2018–2019)

'Our parent association sees community-building events as an opportunity to foster an inclusive and vibrant environment where students and parents alike can feel connected and experience a sense of belonging.'

Volunteers are an integral part of the Carey community and the members of our parent associations are no exception. Volunteering countless hours to enhance the experience of Carey families, President of the Carey Donvale Parents Association (CDPA), Vickie Pahos, and the CDPA team work hand-in-hand with incredibly supportive families to create events and opportunities that build a thriving community.

Vickie never saw herself as someone who would lead a parent association, but the strength of her connections with fellow Donvale families inspired her to take on the role and give back to her children's school and community. Vickie loves bringing people together and seeing the collaborative initiatives of the CDPA and Donvale families succeed.

Vickie also sees her contribution as an opportunity to show the students what it means to be an active and engaged community member. Her desire to make a difference is what motivates her and her team to organise events, fundraise and work to create a truly compassionate culture within the School.