Teacher and Old Carey Grammarian (2002)

'Teachers can change the future, one mind at a time.'

Tue first arrived at Carey as an international student from Vietnam. After graduating in 2002 he went on to study Software Engineering at university and spent seven years in the software industry. Over time, however, it became clear that he wasn’t fulfilled by his career.

He started to question the life he was leading and felt he had more to offer. Wanting to give something back to the school he loved, Tue left behind his successful career to study a Master of Teaching. Soon after, he returned to Carey.

A passionate educator in the areas of Mathematics, Digital Technologies and Computing, Tue is a firm believer in connecting with students in fun and interesting ways. As a magician on the side, Tue knows the transformative power of magic and embeds this into his teaching and learning programs. One such way is through the ‘Mathemagicians’ subject which combines his two great loves – magic and mathematics – giving students the opportunity to explore the mathematical principles behind magic tricks.

Tue feels energised by his students and is committed to nurturing their passions and interests in the rapidly evolving area of digital technology. Through the subject Creative Silicon Chips, Tue has worked collaboratively with students to develop tools that may one day be implemented into real-world software applications. For Tue, being an educator is more than a job, he sees it as a vocation. His dedication to his students and the School combined with his vow to never stop learning is evident in the passion he exudes both in the classroom and within the community.