Senior School student

'Volunteering offers a great opportunity to make connections with those you never thought you would, while helping others who need it.'

Established over six years ago, Carey’s weekly Homework Club – an initiative in collaboration with Save the Children – offers Senior School students the opportunity to help young children from local public housing estates with their homework.

Each Friday after school, students like Saskia hop on the bus to Fitzroy to volunteer their time to support these children, many of whom are from migrant families. With homework help the primary focus, this initiative also aims to help these children feel a sense of belonging and inclusion within the Melbourne community.

As a dedicated member of the Homework Club, Saskia loves how she can build relationships with a diverse group of people and has found these children are willing to learn and try new things when they are given the opportunity. She also understands it’s not only the children who benefit from Homework Club – it also relieves pressure from their parents, who often cannot read or write in English.

Saskia hopes that her experiences with the Homework Club program will encourage others to volunteer their time and help people in need.