Old Carey Grammarian (2014)

'The CARASA Foundation strives to create a future where people understand the impact of their choices on others around the world, and use those choices to enable a better future for everyone.'

Rachel’s interest in the issue of global slavery began in Year 6, when World Vision came to Carey and conducted an activity that replicated the experience of the millions of young children in slavery around the world. This was a powerful turning point for Rachel, who felt compelled to do something to help.

Together with a group of supporters, Rachel set about establishing the CARASA Foundation, which stands for ‘Care for All, Reach All, Serve All’. CARASA is a fundraising body that supports the work of people around the world who assist those in slavery.

The aim of the CARASA Foundation is to create a future where all children can experience a safe and fair childhood and aren't at risk of being exploited by others simply because of the less fortunate circumstances they were born into.

Rachel wants us all to understand that slavery is indeed a reality of our world – it’s in the food we eat and the clothes we wear. She stresses that we all need to be conscious of our choices, as the choices we make here in Australia can and do affect the human rights of others around the globe.