Old Carey Grammarian (2016)

'What started as a conversation between mates has evolved into a program that’s helped students across Australia.'

When Jacob started studying at Australian National University in Canberra, he met people from all over Australia and soon discovered that the experience of Year 12 is very different for metropolitan students than it is for regional students. With limited access to tutoring or help outside of school hours, it was clear to Jacob that rural students faced more challenges in successfully completing their final years of school than those living in larger cities.

Inspired by Carey’s culture of social justice and in collaboration with his friends, Jacob developed the Regional Education Support Network (RESN) as a way to bridge the gap between the level of support available to those in the city compared to the country.

RESN is a free online tutoring service designed to support regional students. It was originally only available to VCE students in regional Victoria, but has recently expanded its offering to students Australia-wide. With a promise of a 24-hour turnaround for proofreading, answering questions and providing valuable feedback, the organisation has grown to involve more than 1200 students from approximately 90 schools, assisted by an incredible team of over 100 volunteer tutors.

Jacob hopes that RESN will help to level the playing field and provide regional students with greater confidence heading into their final exams, knowing they’ve been given the best chance to succeed.