Carey Donvale Therapy Dog

'Archie has magic dust on his fur. And when I touch Archie’s fur, the magic dust goes onto me and it makes me feel calm.' – Year 3 student, Carey Donvale

Archie the groodle is a much-loved Accredited Therapy Dog who works at Carey Donvale. Before joining the Donvale team, Archie completed intensive training including being introduced to specialist settings such as schools and nursing homes.

Research shows that therapy dogs can increase feel-good hormones and decrease stress hormones. In school settings, they can provide a sense of connection and support to children for their social and emotional needs.

Archie is patient, loving and loyal, and has proven to be highly effective at lowering stress and anxiety in students, staff and parents. In particular, Archie shows students what it means to be calm and quiet in the classroom, and his nonjudgmental ears listen to their stories.

Archie’s impact on the students is immeasurable. Not only does he enrich their experience, but he plays an integral role in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of our Donvale students.