Senior School student

'Don’t let anything stand in the way of your success. When others believe that you can’t, believe that you can. And you will.'

When Andrew was preparing to begin Year 2, he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome after he suddenly began to exhibit an unusual eye movement.

A neurological disorder characterised by involuntary ‘tics’, Tourette Syndrome quickly took over Andrew’s life. Shortly after his diagnosis, Andrew's tics became more severe and soon included uncontrollable leg kicks, arm punches, frog jumps, grunting, palilalia (repeating words), head and neck movements, and worst of all, a terrible spinning tic which caused him to turn in circles repeatedly.

As a talented violinist and someone who always connected strongly with music, Andrew felt that Tourette Syndrome had stolen many of his dreams and aspirations. After being left virtually unable to play for two years due to the severity of his symptoms, Andrew was determined to take back the power that Tourette Syndrome had over his life. Through hard work and determination, Andrew was able to reduce the impact of his symptoms in order to pursue violin studies, and in 2019 he successfully performed his Grade 8 violin exam.

Andrew stresses the importance of showing resilience and persevering when faced with adversity. His struggles and determination have raised awareness of Tourette Syndrome and his story has inspired many within the Carey community.