Building a better future

­In our era of great disruption, floods, fires, and social inequality and injustice, it may often seem that we are powerless to help. However, we can act locally, lead by example and demonstrate to the next generation that we can work towards a more sustainable future.

Carey is committed to making a positive change and, as we approach our school’s centenary next year, we hope that you can join us to help build a thriving, healthy, diverse, and resilient community for this generation and generations to come. In our Community Giving appeal this year, we seek your support for two compelling initiatives.

Building a green and sustainable Camp Toonallook
Since the generous donation of Camp Toonallook to Carey back in 1967, ‘Toona’ has become one of Carey’s greatest assets. It is at the core of our Outdoor Education experience for the Junior and Middle schools and the venue for several leadership camps and retreats for older students.

With your support in this year’s Community Giving appeal, we can install solar panels to power the campus in East Gippsland. This initiative is a tangible example of Carey’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and it allows students to see and learn about the importance of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The solar panels have the added benefit of reducing the School’s electricity bills, with the savings being directly fed back into important educational programs.

Transform the lives of disadvantaged students
We also seek your support for Carey’s Access and Equity Scholarship to provide a life-changing education for a student experiencing hardship or disadvantage. We know that these scholarships can make a significant impact and represent an important and practical demonstration of our school’s social justice values. It provides learning and life opportunities that not only benefit the recipient but also enrich our whole school community.

By working and giving together, we can ensure the best possible future for our students, teachers, and the broader community. To make your donation, please complete the gift confirmation form at the back of this letter and return it in the enclosed reply-paid envelope.

For more information, please visit the Giving website.

Joanthan Walter