At Carey we maintain a strong commitment to fitness and a positive approach to physical activity. All Carey students participate in physical activities based on their age and abilities, and all students from Year 5 to 12 participate in a compulsory co-curricular sport program.

We provide training and competition in many different sports (see below) and also run a number of other activities to promote physical fitness and wellbeing. There is something for everyone.

A wide range of competition sports is available, and we cater both for beginners and more experienced participants. Boys compete against schools in the Associated Public Schools (APS) and the girls compete against schools in both the APS and the Associated Grammar Schools (AGS). Fixtures are scheduled either after school or on Saturdays during term time at various venues across Melbourne. Carey home matches are held at the Kew campus or at the Bulleen Sports Complex. Training is held at venues in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and at our Bulleen Sports Complex.

The sports in which we compete against other schools are athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross country, diving, football, futsal, hockey, netball, rowing, rugby, snowsports, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and water polo. Students can also choose to train as AFL umpires or to join Carey First Aid.

Being fit and healthy is not always about competition and we recognise that some of our students prefer to exercise in non-competitive ways. We also offer other fitness alternatives that do not involve inter-school competition such as dance, yoga, weight training and bike fitness.

For more information, please refer to Pathways at Carey.

Sports Clubs

Several of the sports at Carey are supported by groups of parents who contribute greatly to the enjoyment and management of the relevant activity.

  • Cricket Club
  • Football Club
  • Hockey Club
  • Rugby Club
  • Rhythmic Gym Club
  • Snowsports Club
  • Soccer Club

Additional Programs and Services

As well as providing sport, recreational and physical education opportunities to Carey students, there are a range of programs and services also offered at the Carey Sports Complex to Carey families and the wider community.

We want our students to experience new challenges beyond the classroom – challenges that just might lead to lifelong enjoyment. Our range of activities has something for everyone: Art Production, Bike Fitness, Dance, Debating, Fitness Club, Media Crew, Movement and Fitness, a St John Ambulance Division, Theatre Production and Yoga. We also provide opportunities for our students to take study and activities-related tours to a number of different national and international locations.