Welcoming the Class of 2021 to the Carey alumni community

As the year comes to a close for Carey’s Year 12 students, with it comes the excitement of further studies, future careers and all the other journeys life has in store. While it might be a little daunting for the Year 12s to know they are leaving their classmates, favourite teachers and the school uniform behind, Carey never leaves them. Year 12 Leavers are – and always will be – Carey alumni. They will always have a place within the Carey community.

Carey’s Community Engagement team along with the Old Carey Grammarians Association work to create and support ways for Leavers to connect with their classmates and all who came before them – and those who will come after.   

Carey is passionate about supporting its recent graduates as they embark upon their professional careers and start making their mark on the world. As Carey alumni, they will have opportunities to build on their friendships made at school by attending reunions and other social events, establish and grow their professional networks, and to make a difference in the Carey and wider community through various volunteering opportunities – all while having fun.

The Carey alumni community is a highly engaged and active community made up of close to 20,000 members spread out across Australia and the world. There are many ways for alumni to stay connected both in person and through the online alumni community, such as Carey’s LinkedIn, the OCGA Facebook page, its dedicated OCGA alumni website and regular alumni e-newsletters. In addition to regular reunions and social events, Carey alumni also have the opportunity to connect and engage through a broad range of initiatives such as business and career sessions, sporting and performing arts, giving back through social impact, social gatherings, key speaking events and lots more.

As our Year 12s embark on their future, Carey invites them to be a part of this wonderful network and to share in the many opportunities available to them. We wish the Class of 2021 all the best in their future journeys. We look forward to staying in touch with them along the way and hope to see them back at Carey someday soon.

If you are interested in learning more about Carey’s alumni community, please contact Katie Hunt, Alumni and Community Engagement Manager.

Katie Hunt, Alumni and Community Manager
Community Engagement