The Carey Community Scholarship

Since our foundation in 1923, Carey has maintained a proud tradition of educating students to be inspired and equipped to create positive change in our rapidly changing world. For Carey, the true measure of success of our school is our students and how they contribute to society, their community and their future professions.

Carey is dedicated to supporting talented students from all spheres and walks of life. Your support for the new Carey Community Scholarship will provide an opportunity for a student who would not otherwise be able to attend our school from Year 9 to 12. The recipient will benefit from the Carey experience and realise their potential to become a positive change maker with courage, compassion and intelligence.

Importantly, the scholarship also provides a practical demonstration of our school's social justice values and enriches our whole school community. The Carey Community Scholarship will provide learning and life opportunities that not only benefit the recipient, but provide great value to our students and school community. 

With your generous support, we can continue to provide a transformational opportunity for a student to achieve their potential and build a lifelong love for learning. Moosay Paw (2018) is one such student:

My family and I are Karen people from Burma, who have been persecuted for years, mainly due to ethnicity. When I was born, my family were living in a refugee camp, which was a really tough environment for us. I moved to Australia as a child in 2006. It was quite a challenge for me as I didn’t understand any English, and sometimes I felt like an outcast. There was not a lot of other children or families like mine, with an understanding of our culture, language and recent history of civil war and persecution.

In Year 9, my family met School Chaplain Revd Gerry Riviere who helped with my placement and transition to Carey. The best parts of Carey have been the people I’ve met and the accepting, helpful and friendly environment. I have also been grateful for and embraced the many opportunities provided by Carey.

With the support of Carey’s wonderful teachers, my family and the Carey community, I am now studying Science and Global Studies at Monash University to provide a good foundation for me to go back to Burma, share my knowledge and help my people.

You can read more about how scholarships changed the lives of some recent Carey graduates like Moosay here

Through the new Carey Community Scholarship and your support, we can help shape the citizens of tomorrow. By supporting students through scholarships you also make an investment in young people and the transformation of their lives.

For further information, contact Stuart Galbraith, Head of Advancement on 9816 1522 or visit the Community Giving page.

Stuart Galbraith
Head of Advancement