With our students at the heart of everything we do, Carey’s Strategic Priorities reflect the core of that commitment and guide the School’s direction. These priorities emphasise our commitment to positive learning, wellbeing, quality staff, sustainability and community engagement. The Carey Board works in collaboration with the Principal to ensure Carey achieves these goals.

By monitoring Carey’s success in these areas, developing procedures and policies and overseeing the activities of the School, the Board ensures that Carey continues to provide the best possible educational experience for our students.

The Board focusses on the following responsibilities:

  • selecting, supporting and working with the Principal
  • stewardship of the charter, values and philosophy of the School
  • overseeing the governance, management and strategic direction of the School
  • establishing processes for the creation and approval of strategies to maintain excellence in the School
  • reviewing the implementation and impact of these strategies
  • overseeing the financial wellbeing of the School
  • overseeing risk management and compliance with applicable laws and regulation
  • promoting the School.

Read the full Board Charter.

Committees of the Board

There are currently seven sub-committees of the Board:

  • Executive Committee – addresses significant matters which may arise in between standard Board meetings
  • Nominations Committee – responsible for making recommendations to the Board on matters relating to the succession of Board and committee members and the transition of office bearers
  • Risk Committee – monitors and oversees strategies for the mitigation of the risks of the School, excluding financial risk and risk related to major works, which are overseen by the Finance Committee and Property Committee respectively
  • Finance Committee – responsible for assessing and monitoring the School’s finances
  • Property Committee – oversees the maintenance and development of the School’s buildings, grounds and equipment
  • Pastoral Care – provides advice and assistance to the Board in shaping the School’s philosophy of care, sustaining the Carey community, and providing support to the School’s Chaplains in maintaining the spiritual life of the School
  • Naming Committee – makes recommendations to the Board on the naming of buildings, precincts or places of significance when required
  • Advancement Committee – oversees strategies and provides support for the School’s engagement and fundraising programs.

These committees comprise members of the Board, appropriately-skilled members who are not Board members and current Carey staff members.

Board selection process

As per the Carey Constitution, the Board includes members with a range of skills, expertise and experience, and will comprise:

  • the President of the Baptist Union of Victoria or their nominee
  • two nominees of the Baptist Union of Victoria
  • two nominees of the Old Carey Grammarians Association
  • two nominees of the current Carey parent body
  • up to five nominees of the Board.

Board members are encouraged to review their appointment after two years and membership is ordinarily limited to 10 years.

Read the profiles of our current Board members.