The Carey Motto

Carey’s motto, Animo et Fide, means ‘By Courage and Faith’. In 1792, William Carey delivered his most famous sermon, quoting the biblical passage Isaiah 54:2-3.

In this sermon, he said: ‘Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God’. That idea lies at the foundation of our School motto, which encourages our students to live by William Carey’s courageous and faithful example in order to achieve great things in the world.

The Carey Crest

The School Crest represents the old Greek torch race. The race was very similar to a modern relay race, but runners passed along a brightly burning torch instead of a baton. The torch in the Carey School Crest challenges students to pass the good name and honour of the School to the next generation of students, shining as brightly as it did when they received it.