Go with courage and faith

As I sit to write this reflection, our Year 12 Class of 2021 are completing their final class at Carey. I’m sure as they leave our grounds this afternoon, they will be full of many and varied emotions, as is often the case when one comes to a turning point or major milestone in life.

Despite this year playing out in a way that none of us would have hoped for, the Year 12s have continued to amaze me. There is no doubt that they will be remembered by their teachers and peers as a cohort who have cared for one another in good times and bad and made the most of the opportunities that Carey has offered them.

This year we have witnessed their capacity to act courageously and with buoyancy when complex and frequent challenges have come their way – and with respect and a great sense of fun when the year has allowed them to celebrate together.

Despite their understandable disappointment that the Valedictory Celebrations could not go ahead as planned, they have dug deep, and approached their final week with gratitude and respect – it is for these traits, amongst many others, that they will be remembered.

On behalf of the Carey Senior School, I share with Year 12 students our very best wishes. We hope that the months and years ahead bring our students much joy and fulfilment, and we look forward to hearing of their endeavours as they carve their path beyond Carey.

Congratulation Year 12 Class of 2021 - go with courage and faith.

Kellie Lyneham
Head of Senior School