The final moments of school

3.10pm last Friday was energetically greeted with widespread cheering by our Year 12 students. This came as they watched a digital clock on the big screen in the Quad signal the end of the last lesson of the last day they would all be at school together. Understandably, it was a very emotional time, as students who have been looking forward to the occasion were also struck by the gravity of the changes they are embracing.

Final House assemblies, visits back to Carey Donvale or Kew Junior Schools for those who joined Carey before Year 7, and Carnival Day activities are some of the many events which helped our Year 12 students celebrate the conclusion of their secondary schooling.

One less-formal event was the semi-structured soccer game held on the oval during lunch last Wednesday. The game was very free flowing, involved more than 100 Year 12 boys all on the field at the same time, and was umpired by Tim Hilton, himself a Year 12 student. On the face of it, the game, watched by much of Senior School, had the potential to go awry.

However, the game was played in good spirit with a sense that the score was not critical. Tim probably covered more ground that most players and oversaw a game that was thoroughly enjoyed by players and spectators alike.

How the game was played is one of many indications of the genuine sense of community our 2020 School Captains highlighted when speaking at their first Senior School assembly the week before. The 2019 Year 12 students have helped strengthen the sense of community in Senior School and we all look forward to sustaining and strengthening this key feature of the School.

On behalf of the Senior School, I’d like to wish the Class of 2019 all the best in their future endeavours, and thank them for their contribution to our school.

Graeme Young
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Learning