Chaplain's Corner – Senior School

After 11 straight days of zero community transmitted cases, the general feeling here in Victoria was that things were on their way to being relatively normal. That was last Monday. But, by Friday, we were once again in lockdown. Life over the past 12 months has become less certain and we now hold future plans more loosely than we did in the past. We plan holidays accepting they may be cancelled, we plan activities uncertain as to whether they will take place and those planning major events understand that there is a fair chance it will not happen.

Prior to COVID, our lives had more certainty which we took for granted. There was a level of security in knowing that we could celebrate special occasions with family and friends, that we could shop when and where we wanted, we could meet people for coffee and delight in the engagement of our children in the wide variety of activities offered by the School. Our present reality feels very different.

I fear that with each new lockdown there is more baggage to bring. This is certainly true for small business owners and people who have experienced stress and anxiety due to previous lockdowns.

It is important that, at times such as this, we reach out to our family and friends – either to provide support or to receive it. Sometimes when giving to others, we receive. Another thing that may help us cope in the latest lockdown is to maintain perspective. This will not always be easy, but the gift of perspective is important in helping us cope with something we would rather not have.

 I wish God’s peace to each family during this time. The Carey community will be in my prayers.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain