Music: an essential part of the human condition

At this time of year many families are considering whether or not to continue learning an instrument, especially if your child is involved in an immersion program such as Year 7 music or one of the Junior School strings programs. It goes without saying that music staff will encourage students to continue, but why are we so passionate about this?

Learning an instrument and playing in an ensemble has the potential to significantly benefit students socially, emotionally and academically, and if you want to know more I encourage you to read some of the rather interesting articles below. These benefits are well documented, but I would argue that a stronger case for playing music is simply for the joy of music making, as a soloist or with others, and because this form of self-expression is an essential part of the human condition (if you don’t believe me, try not listening to or hearing music for a day).

If practice is an issue at home, be mindful of the fact that some young people take time to develop an effective routine. Regular practice is vital for students to progress, which in turn gives them the sense of achievement associated with long term goals, and not all musicians develop this understanding right away. With patience, it will come, and the rewards will be there.

Study Explores Relationship Between Music Education and Academic Performance
The Power of Music To Reduce Stress
Musical training as an alternative and effective method for neuro-education and neuro-rehabilitation

JSK Summer Concert
On Wednesday 21 November our Junior School Kew (JSK) community gathered to enjoy a wonderful concert presented by our JSK students. The concert featured many of our major JSK ensembles who have worked throughout the year to develop their skills. The concert also featured the premier of a work composed specifically for Carey by renown composer Stephen Chin. His work for our string orchestra was certainly a highlight of the performance. Congratulations to all the staff who worked with our musicians to make this performance possible, and particularly to Timothy Barker, Head of Junior School Music, for his efforts putting this terrific concert together.

Middle School Summer Concert
Our Year 7 music program continues to flourish, and next Monday, 25 November, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the work of these students and a number of other Middle School ensembles. This year the concerts will be staggered in the DYPAC at the following times.

Keyboards – L106, 6.30pm
Strings – L105, 7.00pm
Bands – IWA, 7.00pm
Guitars – L106, 7.30pm

We look forward to the conclusion of a wonderful year’s work with our young musicians in Middle School.

Year 7 parents who would like further information about the opportunities that exist in the music program are warmly encouraged to contact their child’s instrumental teacher directly or me at

Year 5 Production
Our JSK Year 5 staff and students have been working hard to bring together their 2019 production. After studying a number of significant Australian Historical characters, they will present the wonderful play Hanging on to the Bottom of the World in the IWA next week. Details (and tickets of course) can be found here.

Upcoming Events

Middle School Summer Concert
Monday 25 November

Friends of Carey Music AGM
Wednesday 27 November 7.00pm
Cabinet Room

Year 5 Production Hanging on to the Bottom of the World
Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 November

Friends of Carey Music Christmas Tree Sale
Saturday 7 December
Sackville Street Car Park

Nick Mulder
Head of Performing Arts