As an open entry school, Carey attracts students with a wide range of abilities. At any given time, the school population includes students who require specialist intervention and provision beyond the classroom. Carey is committed to discovering and providing the best learning conditions for all students with individual needs, in an environment that promotes intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Senior School Learning Development assists in the development of strategies designed to support each student to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of school life, to encourage individual talent and to provide opportunities and skills that allow effective learning to take place.

Learning Development teachers provide individual or group sessions to facilitate learning for students with specific academic needs, communicate the students' teaching requirements to teachers and develop strategies to best meet their needs. Support is provided to develop effective literacy skills, study skills and organisational strategies. As appropriate, Special Provision arrangements are made to complete examinations.

Year 10 students may access the Learning Literacies Course designed and staffed by Learning Development teachers. The Learning Literacies course is designed to support and assist students who have previously studied literacy consolidation in the Middle School, and who will benefit from additional attention to the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For more information about Learning Development please refer to Pathways at Carey.