Opportunities to touch, manipulate and experiment with materials, to create, take turns and negotiate are part of the daily experience in our Early Learning Centres. 

Each child is seen as unique and competent with a capacity to learn. Children co-construct their learning with others through a play-based curriculum, which maximises opportunities for them to learn about the world and to create meaning. It is important to us that the youngest members of our community feel secure, nurtured, supported and engaged in their learning and play. To achieve this we work in partnership with families, to ensure trust, open communication and consistency in our approach.

Expert staff

Expert teachers collaborate to provide intentional learning experiences that build on the children’s interests and allow them to thrive as they move through the Centre. They work hard to ensure the physical environment supports the children’s learning, providing a beautiful, stimulating environment that encourages a sense of awe, wonder, challenge and achievement both inside and outside.

Being, belonging and becoming

We want the youngest members of our community to begin their schooling by building a solid foundation of confidence and we work with families to ensure trust, open communication and consistency in developing the child. The Centres are structured to provide a pathway that supports children to progress according to their developmental stage and age. At our Kew campus, two three-year-old programs are provided (one two days, the other three days), as well as two four-year-old programs, one that offers a three or four-day program, and one that offers a five-day program.

Making learning visible

Children’s learning is made visible and celebrated through documentation using photos and transcripts. These records of the learning process as well as the outcomes enable children, staff and parents to reflect on their experiences and provide the basis for communication and evaluation between staff and the school community.

Building community

We value strong parent/school partnership and build trust through regular meetings and parent participation in our programs. Special occasions such as Mothers and Fathers Day are celebrated and parents are encouraged to become involved with the Parents Associations. The community extends to the whole School community. Joyful and purposeful visits from past ELC students from Junior, Middle and Senior School are facilitated.

Early learning in a school setting

Our Early Learning Centre Children enjoy their own purpose-built environment within a school setting. Proximity to other sections of the School allows future years of schooling to be anticipated with enthusiasm and provides access to Music, Art and Physical Education opportunities that would be beyond the scope of most Early Learning Centres. Library sessions are also enjoyed weekly and children enjoy a well resourced picture story collection and enthusiastic specialist staff.