16 June 2024

Co-Curricular Activities at Carey

Co-Curricular Activities at Carey
Co-Curricular Activities at Carey
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At Carey, education extends beyond the classroom. It’s important that students look forward to coming to school every day and we find that co-curricular activities foster both enthusiasm and experiential learning. Our diverse range of co-curricular programs provides students with invaluable opportunities to discover their passions, develop essential life skills and cultivate lasting friendships. From dynamic sports teams and innovative arts programs to engaging clubs and community service initiatives, our co-curricular offerings are designed to nurture well-rounded students who thrive both academically and personally. Join us as we explore the myriad benefits of these activities and how they contribute to the holistic development of our students.


Our extensive sports program makes Carey stand out as one of the leading co-ed private schools in Melbourne. With a wide range of sports and activities on offer, every student can find something to enjoy that will keep them fit and active.

Junior School

As an Early Learning to Year 12 school, we make it our mission to encourage a love of physical activity from a young age. With this in mind, we provide compulsory co-curricular sport at our private Junior Schools in Donvale and Kew from Year 5, introducing students to interschool sports and competitions in swimming, tennis, netball, cricket, soccer, football, rugby and more. They also participate in Outdoor Education from Year 4, allowing students to get active in a new and adventurous way.

Middle School & Senior School

Students in Middle and Senior School will elect a summer and winter sport. Winter sports include basketball, fencing and football, while summer sports include badminton, diving, kayaking and more. This sports program consists of some midweek training and Saturday sessions.

Middle School and Senior School students can compete in the Associated Public Schools (APS) or Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) competitions in a range of sports such as athletics, cricket, cross country, futsal, hockey, netball, rowing, snowsports, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, water polo and more.

Non-Competitive Exercise

At Carey, we celebrate the differences of every student. Our sports program reflects this, ensuring physical activities are tailored to their age and abilities. We offer sports that are catered to beginners, experienced athletes and everyone in between. We also offer alternative activities such as dance, yoga, first aid, and bike fitness for students who prefer to exercise in non-competitive ways.

Debating & Public Speaking

For budding orators, Carey offers debating and public speaking co-curricular activities. Confidence in speaking in front of an audience is one of the most essential skills a young person can master, and it will serve students well in their future careers. Experience in public speaking contributes to increased confidence, improved resilience and enhanced leadership skills.

Students can compete in debating as part of the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) Schools Competition, from A-grade teams (Year 12) to D-grade teams (Middle School). There’s also the House Debating Competition as part of the House Cup, which is friendlier yet no less fiercely competitive

Carey’s public speakers are just as competitive as the debaters, entering a range of competitions such as the Bond University Mooting Competition, VCAA Plain Speaking Competition and the United Nations Youth Association Competitions.

Volunteering & Cultural Experiences

Community service starts early at Carey. Laying the foundations in Junior School, our students actively engage in fundraisers, awareness campaigns, open discussions on current issues and hands-on service to the local community. As they progress into Middle School, they gain the autonomy to choose the causes they are passionate about. By Senior School, most students choose to volunteer on their own time or take on opportunities to travel to communities in need around the world, such as Nauru.

In addition to community service tours, Carey also offers cultural tours that help students engage with the wider world around them. By broadening perspectives and getting students out of their comfort zones, our cultural experience programs stimulate curiosity. Students can opt to go on an international exchange to a range of countries, participate in curriculum tours that enrich their learning, or challenge themselves by completing an expedition to a developing country.

Outdoor Education

If you’ve been researching private high schools, you’ve likely already heard about our incredible outdoor education program. Perfect for hands-on learners, outdoor education teaches problem-solving and collaboration skills in real time. At Carey, we find that extended periods in nature help students develop greater resilience, independence, and self-confidence. Our program teaches students to respect the natural environment and interact with it responsibly.

Beginning in Year 4, students embark on a three-day outdoor experience full of fun activities. It's a firm favourite, from the giant swing and flying fox to bush cooking and hut building. From Years 5–7, students visit Camp Toonallook – a stunning four-hectare property owned by Carey that sits on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes. At Camp Toonallook, students get to participate in both water- and land-based activities. The Year 7 camp is an important orientation for new students, giving them time to bond with their classmates. In Year 8, students camp for six days in the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, and in Year 9, they camp in the Wabonga Plateau area to bushwalk, ride bikes, and go white-water rafting.


At Carey, we love setting the stage for success. Known for producing awe-inspiring theatre and music performances, we provide an environment where many students uncover a lifelong passion for the stage. Our dedicated team of theatre professionals offer unparalleled mentorship thanks to their extensive experience in international productions and their ongoing involvement in the professional theatre community. This allows our students to gain valuable industry insights and have their talents nurtured by experts. There’s so much to get involved in, even beyond those roles that take centre stage. Our large-scale productions give students a chance to explore singing or dancing, as well as the art of stage make-up, costume design, set design, lighting, sound, directing and more. Middle School and Senior School students get to audition for at least one production each year, and both Junior Schools perform their own fully staged musical theatre productions.


Our comprehensive Music Program offers students the chance to shine in a variety of ensembles, including bands, orchestras, choirs, chamber groups and contemporary ensembles. These groups have numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, showcasing their talents and hard work.

Our Music Tuition Program provides extensive instrumental and vocal training from specialists who are experts in their fields. From Early Learning Centre (ELC) through to Year 12, students can choose individual or group lessons on a wide range of instruments, including brass, percussion, orchestral strings, woodwind, keyboard (pianoforte and harpsichord), and fretted strings (guitar and electric bass), as well as classical and contemporary voice.

Whether your child is a budding musician or a seasoned performer, our co-curricular Music Program nurtures their passion and helps them reach their full potential.

Learning Beyond the Classroom at Carey

Carey’s co-curricular activities are designed to inspire, challenge and develop our students. From sports and the performing arts to community service and outdoor education, these programs provide diverse opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. Celebrating every student's different needs and interests, our co-curricular program cultivates well-rounded individuals ready to make their mark on the world. Attend one of our open mornings to learn more, or apply to Carey online today.


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