First impressions of the new Middle School – Katy, Year 9

It was a sensational feeling to come back to Carey last week and going straight into the spectacular new Middle School.

The wide hallway gives a comfortable, spacious and inviting view. Students’ excitement of studying in the new Middle School building together with the ecstasy and exultation in the classrooms really bring the building alive. The large indoor spaces are extremely useful, especially in winter when you just want to snuggle in a warm area. There are lots of seats and tables which allow your friends and you to sit together and interact with each other in a positive environment. The new down-ball playground and the outdoor area known as The Keyhole (pictured) are the new preference for students to hang out at recess and lunchtime. I found very interesting that every pair of rooms has a sliding door which is used to combine the rooms into a big learning space. This helps us to interact with others more often and always be in a positive productive learning habit.

I believe most of us enjoy learning under a well-structured Middle School building, particularly when we just returned from quarantine we aren’t able to hide the triumphant enthusiasm of moving into a new building. The unique designs are exceptionally suitable for us to get refreshed and this illustrates Carey’s great understanding of students.

In conclusion, I’m extremely grateful to study in the new Middle School building for Semester 2 before I move into Senior School next year.

Year 9 student