An amazing performance in the Melbourne Town Hall

Sincere congratulations to the many Middle School students (well over 200) who performed at our Middle School Presentation Night at the Melbourne Town Hall. I was very proud of the overall musical standard on display and I am grateful to the various ensemble directors who prepared the groups, as well as the many music staff who were there for most of the day moving gear and assisting with stage and student management. The night flowed quite smoothly. Many thanks too to the students who took turns at the lectern or elsewhere onstage as comperes, narrators and actors. It is a huge venue and requires so much courage and confidence! It was especially good to introduce the Carey mandolin orchestra to the stage. There have been some terrific developments in the ‘fretted strings’ department in recent years which have been providing increased challenge and musicality for our guitar and mandolin students.

With both the MGH and Raymond Hall temporarily out of commission we are somewhat compromised for space at the moment. The Year 7 Summer Concert will be run next Monday night using three different venues and three different times! The keyboard ensembles will kick off procedure with a 6.30 start in L106. This will be followed by all of the bands in the IWA and the strings in L105, and finally the guitars and mandolins in L106 at 7.30. I never cease to be amazed by how good some of the Year 7 ‘beginner’ ensembles sound after less than 12 months of tuition. We will be hoping that many of our Year 7 students will choose to continue their involvement in the instrumental program next year. Music staff will be only too happy to provide information, advice and, where necessary, the appropriate paperwork to ensure that music development can continue into Year 8.

Martin Arnold
Head of Music