We Made It!

Through some very adept footwork, we managed to get five performances of our Middle School Musical in just before the latest lockdown. This musical has been in preparation for 18 months. Originally scheduled for June 2020, even the 2021 performances looked in doubt when the fourth lockdown happened in June. However, we bravely soldiered on with online dance and drama rehearsals. Our dress rehearsals were in the last week of Term 2 and our opening night was on the first day of Term 3. When the final Friday night performance was threatened by rumours of an imminent fifth lockdown, we quickly rescheduled our final show back to Thursday and enjoyed a triumphant conclusion to a very successful season. It was such a joyous show, with a wonderful storyline. It was terrific to be telling a very Australian story for once.

The Middle School Musical is a huge community event with around 120 students involved as well as many parents, staff, senior students, community friends and creative professionals. It is a giant exercise in collaboration – everyone is giving their best to contribute to telling the story. It also is a wonderful way to bring so many artforms together – visual art, dance, drama and music. All of the students involved – cast, crew and band – should be very proud of their achievements.

Now we are back in lockdown and facing the potential loss of so many performing arts events, including the senior music camp, cabaret night, band festival appearances and the Year 7 concert. We are trying hard to make as many events as possible postponements rather than cancellations, but it is increasingly hard to plan in such a time of uncertainty!

We are still working towards the Middle School Play and Performing Arts Tour in October/November. It is not too late for students to express interest – information can be found on CareyLink. Due to the lockdown, the audition dates will be adjusted, and we will make sure that no one misses out should they be on a Year 8 camp.

Martin Arnold
Head of Music