Focus with the end in mind

The end of the year is fast approaching and it can bring great excitement, tasks to complete, mixed emotions and, at times, a great deal of stress. It is often a time of celebration while also heralding hard work, tests and sometimes disappointment. In our rush to meet all our responsibilities, commitments and expectations we can often forget the things that actually nourish us: a friendly chat, a smile, a kind word, a quiet meal together, a walk, helping someone else, silence, a good book, a laugh and simply resting – the trick is trying to juggle all the competing demands and do the things the really bring a sense of achievement and not spend too much time on screens, consuming ‘stuff’ and being overly busy.

Most of the time we see things the way we want to see them – we cast judgment on something without really looking at the situation with no bias. Learning to look at things as they are and without emotion is a real talent and great skill to teach young people – unfortunately it is difficult and has not been modelled particularly well at many levels of society. Interestingly, good observation also requires a settled mind and thus at this time of the year it is also helpful for families to find time to reflect and try to look at things objectively.

More than ever with young people we should adapt our leadership style to the situation at hand, distinguishing between instructing, coaching, supporting and delegating. Interesting and perhaps not surprising, this is great advice for parenting. Trying to be level headed and calm can help parents navigate this busy time of the year. Our ultimate goal as parents, teachers and mentors is to make ourselves superfluous, to grow young people that lead themselves and are guided by an internal compass that helps them navigate the world independent of our ‘micro-management’.

Presentation Night
We look forward to Presentation Night on Monday 11 November. Once again this year we will be at the Melbourne Town Hall, beginning at 7.00pm. Parents are invited to sit in the Gallery on a first-come basis, with assistance from ushers. Tickets are not required. We are looking forward to this special event of celebration.

2020 Leadership in Middle School
The selection process for the Middle School Captains for 2020 has been completed. Students had the opportunity to be nominated and provide information on their ideas which was displayed for other students to read then Years 7 and 8 students and staff voted. Following a shortlisting and interview process, we have selected two students who we believe will be wonderful ambassadors for Carey Middle School – with great pleasure I announce our Middle School Captains for 2020, Greta Wansbrough and Spencer Thomas. Both students are extremely genuine and are involved in a huge range of aspects of the Middle School program and both had extremely strong student and teacher support. Throughout their time in Middle School, whether it be in the classroom, socially, performing arts, on the sporting field or on camps; Greta and Spencer have referenced the Middle School culture of been inclusive and caring, giving everything a go, being the best they can be and showing a positive approach to life.

As usual the field was very strong and it was amazing to celebrate the appointments with the other candidates, who were most understanding, gracious, excited and are keen to support Greta and Spencer to lead the Middle School.

Some Key dates for the rest for the rest of the term:

Presentation night – Monday 11 November
Late start – Tuesday 12 November
Year 9 study day – Tuesday 12 November
Year 9 exams – Wednesday 13–Friday 15 November
Year 9 program begins – Monday 18 November
Year 7 2020 Orientation day – Friday 22 November
Term ends – Tuesday 10 December

Michael Nelson
Head of Middle School