Our favourite time of year is near!

The Literature Festival is coming in Week 4 this term and will be celebrated across the school on different days in that week. 

The Middle School will welcome 13 writers for young adults this year on Tuesday 17 May. Each of these published writers will lead English classes through a series of fun writing activities and share their own stories with the students. Middle School students will also get the opportunity to create stories in a different way for a double period when they choose from electives like Art and Story, Theatre and Story, Music and Story, Sport and Story, and Poetry and Story, again delivered by external professionals in their field.

Books of all the writers coming to the festival are available for borrowing from the library but they are fast disappearing off the displays so make sure you get some reading of one of the festival writers before Week 4.

Both Middle and Senior School Assemblies will feature guest writers and poets as a highlight to the celebration of literature.

Senior School has a number of fun literature-based activities planned throughout the week to focus the students’ attention on the place reading, books and story has in their lives.

Story is important to us all and we all have unique stories to tell. Celebrate the stories which are particular to your family and the place that books and reading has in your family’s life.

Marg Moran
Head of the CLI Library