Carey Celebrates Literature 2021

Carey Celebrates Literature is back in 2021 with an exciting line up of writers visiting Carey on Wednesday 19 May. Stories are very important in all our lives and the spotlight will be on creating stories in Middle School. 

Lili Wilkinson, Leanne Hall, Scot Gardner, Mark Smith, Eliza Henry Jones, Susan White and Shivaun Plozzer are a few of the writers already signed up to deliver writing workshops to Middle School students. There will also be a range of expert creators of story working across a variety of mediums from film, gaming and theatre to poetry and art, leading students in workshops to create story in ways other than in text. 

Another exciting aspect of this year’s festival is that we welcome new YA writer and former Triple J radio host Alex Dyson to our Middle School Assembly on that day. Alex’s first book, When it Drops, is about a boy who is creator of music who is forced to confront his unexpected success with his music when his younger brother posts his song on Facebook. Alex has used his considerable wit to write a story full of music and teenage experience. Alex’s father was a student at Carey so it is particularly wonderful to welcome him to our school as a writer for our literature festival.

Marg Moran
Acting Head of CLI Library