What to read if you like…

Has the pandemic meant that you have read more or less? Have you been reading pandemic or dystopian novels, or have you been escaping with books that make you laugh or take you to other worlds? The streaming services have done well during this time when we have been stuck at home more than usual.

We have colourful displays in the library to entice readers to consider a whole range of books. The What to Read if You Like display includes suggestions arising from television watched as well as popular books and has meant a lot of those books have been marching our the library doors now that we have all our students back.

We have another display called the Book Garden which includes books with botanical looking covers. This display goes hand in hand with our display highlighting that this year is the International Year of Plant Health. We have a few indoor plants as well as some tips for keeping your plants healthy.

Wellbeing is another display which includes a range of non-fiction books to look after your mind, body and spirit. Our Go Green display has fiction and non-fiction.

Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction reader there are plenty of books to get interested in. Movies and television series are great but losing yourself in a book is so good.

Marg Moran
Acting Head of CLI Library