Final performances of 2020

Music Assembly
Select ensembles and soloists presented at our inaugural Music Assembly last week. No Strings Attached, Fully Strung, Plecstrum and Percussion Ensemble presented works that they had put together in this very short rehearsal period. Some soloists were part of this virtual performance that was streamed to our community. Congratulations to all participants in the virtual Music Assembly and to all of those that worked so well throughout Term 4 rehearsals.

Year 2 Strings
Year 2 have completed their semester of learning a stringed instrument. After a highly unusual beginning to the program with instruments collected through a drive-by collection, students learnt their instrument remotely at home during Term 3. It was a joy to return back onsite this term to learn together once more. Each class had a celebratory lesson together this week as our last time together. Congratulations to all of our Year 2 students for their fine work throughout the semester.

Instrumental Lessons
As we head towards the conclusion of 2020, we eagerly look forward to a new, fresh year with new opportunities. Please discuss with your child learning an instrument at Carey and becoming part of our community of musicians. The music enrolment form will provide more information.

I would like to wish everyone a restful and peace-filled holiday season and a joyous Christmas. I look forward to working with you all once again in 2021.

Timothy Barker
Head of Junior School Music