Reflecting on Hunting the Good

In this last newsletter for the term, I’d like to share a reflection on the last two days at the time of writing this. I started yesterday with an email to all the Junior School staff, a daily occurrence with a short message to keep them up-to-date, connected and, most importantly, to provide a little joy. The morning began with a truly spectacular sunrise which I shared with them through a photo. I then received lovely emails back with photos of the same sunrise from different parts of Melbourne – the joy and beauty of that moment was extended. Hunting the good is important in these unsettling times and we need to be diligent about practicing it. Our ELC parents then came in to collect their activity bags, and it was so nice to hear how they are going and then, later in the day, to receive photos of the children happily engaged in some of the activities provided. The rest of the day was spent conferencing with all the specialist staff and planning for Term 2. Today has been more planning, watching the students engage with their teachers in their conferences and celebrating the creative ways teachers and students have managed this new normal. I am proud of the students and staff and thank parents for their support and affirmation of the School.

Staff Announcement
It with mixed feelings I am letting you know that Amy Lovell has been appointed Head of Junior School, Kingswood College. This is a significant promotion for Amy that reflects her capacity as an educator and is well deserved. We are immensely proud of her achievement and sincerely congratulate her on her appointment, which commences at the beginning of Term 3. Over the 14 and a half years Amy has been at Carey, she has taught Prep, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 and most recently has been Lower Primary Co-ordinator and Co-ordinator of English. Amy is an excellent educator, she is insightful, thoughtful in her approach to learning and empathetic in her interactions with both students, parents and staff. We will all miss her and thank her sincerely for her contribution to Carey over the last 14 and a half years. We look forward to Amy continuing to work with us next term and properly acknowledging her contribution to Carey at the end of the Term 2.

As we move into the Easter holidays, I hope you are able to have some time to pause and practice hunting the good both for yourself and for your children.

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew