With children, there will always be magic

Amongst the rapid changes of the past couple of weeks that have at times seemed overwhelming, there have been some amazing moments that have still made us stop, savour and smile. As we enter the holidays at the end of the week, there is still uncertainty about what our daily routine might look like when school begins again for Term 2. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: when you are dealing with children, there will always be magic moments to appreciate.

Please enjoy the following photos and stories from the Carey Donvale community.

Everly, Prep C, reciting The Very Hungry Catepillar by Eric Carle.

Costa, ELC Cockatoo Group, learning about sinking and floating.


Laurel, Prep F, engaging in creative play; and Chloe, Prep F, who found 'something smaller than the palm of your hand' as part of a home scavenger hunt.

'Can I just tell you, the scavenger hunt is a HUGE success in our house!'
'Laurel is really enjoying time at home, we try our best to do most of the homework, but the reality is, we don’t always do them all. We have been building cubbies, going to parks and having lots of creative art time.'

For more photos of Carey students working from home, see this article!

Enjoy being creative and taking a much-needed break these school holidays.

Steve Wilson
Head of Junior School Donvale