End of year celebrations at Carey Donvale

Resilience Ride and Walk-a-thon
Last week, our Year 6 students engaged in a 35km Resilience Bike Ride while the rest of the Junior School participated in a walk-a-thon in the local area. This was in an effort to raise SunSmart awareness and, at the same time, raise valuable finds to support cancer research through the Tour de Cure organisation. Our Year 6 students alone raised over $5000 and the entire school a total close to $6000.

This ride was in honour of Nathan Jones, a former staff member who lost his battle with cancer but who was a strong advocate for education and research in this area.

Friday Morning Carols Service
I am sure that everyone is looking forward to our annual Donvale Carols Service, which will take place at 8.30am on Friday. We are working on the assumption that the weather will be fine and therefore we will be able to hold the service in the amphitheatre. Alternate plans will be in place if the weather is not conducive to an outdoor service. Children should wear full summer uniform.

You may wish to park down at the Mullum Mullum Sports Centre and walk along the Mullum Mullum trail to School. Enter via Reynolds Road or Springvale Road. Please respect the rights and needs of our neighbours by not parking in Era Court.

Monday’s Thank you Assembly
Please join us on Monday at 8.35am in the amphitheatre for our final Assembly of the year. This traditional Thank you Assembly is a wonderful opportunity to honour our supportive parents. This special assembly also features the induction of our 2020 Year 6 student leaders and our farewells to staff.

Year 6 Graduation ceremony
On Monday evening we will be holding our Year 6 Graduation ceremony. This is always a very special part of our students’ time at Carey Donvale and I am sure that this year will be no exception. It is our chance to congratulate these students on their time and efforts at our School and to wish them well for their future as they enter secondary school life.

End of year celebrations
As we approach the end of a very rewarding year, we have the chance to acknowledge the children’s achievements, welcome new families, farewell those who are leaving, anticipate the end of year events as well as speculate about 2020.

It is the time of year where we celebrate the reason for our religious beliefs in the birth of Jesus Christ and for the children, Christmas time becomes a magical time with Santa, presents and family gatherings.

Over the next few days we will say farewell to all of our Year 6 students. The children and their family members will enjoy the Graduation Ceremony on Monday night which follows a Graduation Dinner on Saturday Night. I wish each of these children and their families all the very best and I hope that you will stay in contact over the coming years.

Class Placements / Orientation for Years 1 to 6
On Monday 25 November we welcomed a number of new students to our school. These students were spread across all year levels and come to us from a wide variety of schools. This is in addition to our new Prep children who enjoyed a series of orientation sessions. These new students spent the day getting to know the children who will become their classmates and friends next year and this experience will help them as they make their transition to Carey Donvale.

Everyone was given the opportunity to meet with their classmates and their new teachers for 2020. It was great to see so many excited and happy faces at the end of the day as the children shared the good news of who their teachers and classmates were going to be.

End of Year Arrangements
Please take the time to make yourself aware of the finishing times for the final day of school on Tuesday. It is important that families do not stay long after all their children have been dismissed as this tends to cause congestion in the car park.

I would like to thank the entire staff at Donvale. They are an incredibly hardworking and dedicated group of people who go above and beyond to provide a rich and supportive learning environment. Our teachers are one of the major reasons that Donvale is such a great learning community.

I would particularly like to thank Deb McAlister and Marg Adams who ensure the School run so well. I know that all of our parents would be in total agreement with these sentiments.

It is also important for me to thank all of the parents who support us so well whenever we need assistance: the hard-working CDPA, our tireless parent helpers, our dedicated PMP and Learning Centre parents, our resourceful art room helpers, our willing Library volunteers and our parents who have assisted on excursions. There are many, many other groups as well and without their support and assistance we couldn’t provide the special opportunities that the children enjoy on a daily basis.

Finally, I would like to thank the people who make this such a special place to work – the children. It is a privilege and a pleasure to come along each day and see so many smiling and friendly faces. Each and every one of the children who come to our school is precious to us and we love them dearly. We are so very fortunate to share in their lives, their triumphs, their trials and tribulations and their discoveries.

As we near the end of another year I sincerely wish you all a very safe and a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the festive season with your children and make the most of every moment – they grow up too soon. I look forward to seeing the vast majority of you back with us in 2020 along with many new families who are yet to truly experience the wonderful community spirit that characterises Carey Donvale.

Steve Wilson
Head of Junior School Donvale