Professional Learning and Growth

Our professional development program is not just about professional skills, it is about helping our staff to genuinely be the best people they can be.

Carey is committed to a dynamic and stimulating Professional Learning and Development culture that broadens and extends our staff skill set, and enhances the learning experiences for our students. Part of this commitment is to provide our staff with appropriate, challenging and rewarding professional development.

Our staff utilise their expertise to promote and support student learning and wellbeing. Guided by best practice, our staff are collaborative and reflective lifelong learners.

Our staff have the opportunity to study for further qualifications; attend a course or workshop; participate in subject association and networks; prepare and deliver a paper; address or workshop a topic relevant to the profession; mentor of new staff, provisionally registered teachers or student teachers; or join a professional reading group.

We also offer generous financial support for staff members who choose to embark on formal postgraduate study. We also encourage our staff in their commitment to their Professional Development with an incentive bonus each year.

Professional Community

Connections with the community in which we live and work.

The Carey community is a united, passionate and caring network. Our students, staff and their families comprise the major parts of our Carey community. We also value our enduring connections with our past students and staff and welcome the involvement and interest of our future families.

Our staff and students are engaged in community initiatives, service and fundraising efforts for the greater good, illustrating a culture of care within the community in which we live and work.

Lifelong friendships are formed at Carey. Staff participate in a broad range of sporting and co-curricular opportunities which not only provide important support to student learning but also contribute beyond Carey into the wider community.

Wellbeing Program

Achieve personal health and happiness.

Our staff wellbeing program offers many opportunities to step outside of professional roles and achieve something for personal health and happiness: socialise, learn a new skill, get involved in community work, meditate, worship or exercise.

Carey’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional wellbeing and counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting you at work or at home. Our EAP is a free service providing confidential counselling and consulting services that focus on the early assessment and prevention and/or remediation of personal problems experienced by employees or members of their families.

Throughout the year, Carey offers activities such as ride-to-work days, yoga classes and free immunisations.

Work/Life Balance

Our staff enjoy a number of benefits.

Carey staff enjoy onsite parking, child care and a gymnasium. Staff have access to sabbatical leave, parental leave and flexible working arrangements. Carey also supports leave taken to complete further study, career breaks and volunteer opportunities.

Professional support staff enjoy five weeks annual leave.

Remuneration & Benefits

Carey celebrates staff achievements and service.

At Carey we have long recognised that the quality of our staff is a critical determinant of the success of our School. Carey staff are expected to be, and they are supported to become, the best they can be.

At Carey we expect our staff to be leaders in their fields, engaging collaboratively in and beyond Carey. We renumerate our teachers above the award levels to recognise their experience and expertise, attracting and maintaining quality staff. Our professional support staff are recognised by a performance-based pay review process.

The School offers ongoing staff the opportunity to salary package a motor vehicle, mortgage repayments and salary sacrificing for childcare fees. Generous tuition discounts are also available to children of all permanent staff.

Carey celebrates staff achievements and recognises staff who have served the School for significant periods of time. This encourages staff to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of colleagues.