The Carey Medal stands alone as a means of recognising someone from within the Carey family who has contributed greatly to the community in an exceptional and dedicated manner.

How to Nominate - Eligibility

The nominee must come from the Carey community being one of past or present:

• students
• staff, or
• parents of past or present students.

The nominee must have given exceptional and outstanding service to the community at large, within the state, nationwide or internationally, often against difficulties and always with persistent commitment – beyond that which would be expected of a person holding that position. In other words, this person must stand out from the others.


Confidentiality in nomination is essential and nominees should not be aware that they are being nominated for the award.

Nominations are to be made on this form, giving the details of the person nominated and the justification for the nomination, not just the naming of the person. These forms are only valid when signed and dated by both the nominator and seconder. Nominators must provide details of at least two people in addition to the nominator who are able to make direct comment on the contribution/service of the person they are nominating.

If there is not enough space on this form, further supporting documentation may be attached, provided it is specifically directed to this nomination and for no other purpose.

The provision of all necessary information is the responsibility of the nominator.


The following pages set out criteria which should be addressed when nominating a candidate. It is helpful to include examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond what could reasonably be expected of someone in a similar position and why you think their service and/or achievement(s) are outstanding and worthy of recognition through the Carey Medal.


The Award is not competitive and the Carey Medal Committee will decide who receives the Carey Medal. Typically, it can take two years for nominations to be processed and assessed. An award will not be made if, in the opinion of the Carey Medal Committee, there is no suitable candidate and the decision of the committee is final. Nominators will be advised of receipt of nomination.