The strength of community at Carey

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ No words are truer when we think about the Carey community. We all work together to build an environment that nurtures and supports growth in every student and provides opportunities for all in our community to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness.

In Community Engagement we are privileged to work closely with a broad cross-section of people in our Carey community. From future parents making important decisions about their children’s future; current parents with whom we work in partnership to enhance educational opportunities for students and build a strong, supportive community; to past students who frequently give back their time and talent in support of our wonderful school. In addition, the past parents, past staff, friends and donors who all believe in Carey’s vision play an integral part in shaping the future for our students and our school community.

This term, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing individuals and groups on many exciting projects and events. I must acknowledge the outstanding work of our parent groups in supporting many activities and initiatives across the school. One term in, and we have already benefitted from the wonderful support of parents involved in sport, performing arts, the Carey Community Forum, school section and whole-school events, and the CLOSA (Carey Local and Overseas Students) group. These parents all give of their skills and passion to support our students and our school. We are very grateful for their significant contribution.

On a weekly basis we are also fortunate to enjoy regular contact and visits from the many Carey alumni who work with Community Engagement and across the School as volunteers on numerous community projects. In addition to assisting in the planning of many events and reunions, our OCGA are the lifeblood of many key volunteer committees such as the Carey Medal Committee and the Centenary History Committee, not to mention all our alumni clubs and sporting groups. These individuals and committees provide a strong link with our broader community and a framework for our past families to continue to engage with our school.

Over the coming school break our team will be busy preparing for another term rich with activities and opportunities to get involved and make new connections.

I wish everyone a restful break and look forward to working with our wonderful volunteers and supporters in Term 2.

Julianne Brandon
Director of Community Engagement