Chaplain’s Corner

Last week I was fascinated to listen to an expert in animal behaviour explain what is now taking place in central Australia as the floods come. He spoke of the birds that arrive before the rain – somehow they just know that the time is now. He spoke of the frogs that burrow beneath the earth surrounded by a sack of water which enables them to live for up to five years (that is some lockdown!). Then he spoke of the way the most colourful array of flowers burst into life after the flood subsides.

So much life exists in the desert just waiting for the rains to come. And when they do, that which was considered dead and barren explodes into vibrant life. So much potential lying dormant – just waiting for the right environment.

In some ways, people can be like that. We have potential that just waits until the right environment. Sadly, sometimes the right environment never comes and potential is unrealised. God has given to each of us abilities and talents to be used to bring blessing and life to others. And as we do, it may awaken something in them. In chapel services, I attempt to awaken the sense of the Divine, a sense of wonder, an understanding that life does have meaning and that the world of nature contains so many life lessons. I attempt to show that as we seek to serve others that we experience the joy of seeing something spring to life in them.

May God’s peace and grace be upon you all.


Revd Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain