How many students are there at the School?
There are approximately 2000 students at the Kew Campus and 290 students at the Donvale Campus.

How many students are there in a class?
The number of students in each class varies, depending on a range of factors (for example, the age group of the students or the popularity of an elective subject). We do, however, cap class sizes appropriate to the subject and age level. Across the School, class sizes can range from 22 in Prep–Year 2, 24 in Year 3–4 and 26 in Year 5–6 and above. In the Senior School (Year 10–12) there is a broad array of subject selections available and classes will vary in size from around 10–23 students.

How do I apply?
You can find the procedure for enrolments, including important dates, under the enrolment tab, or by clicking the link below.

Do you have a school bus to and from the school?
There are a number of private school bus services available to Carey students. The School is also well served by public transport. More information about getting to Carey by public transport or school bus service can be found on our Transport page.

What are the fees?
Our current fee schedule, and detailed information about the different components and payment schedules, can be found on our Fees Schedule page.

Can I tour the School?
Come and meet us at our Kew and Donvale campuses. Regular tours are held on Thursday at our Kew campus (during term time) with tours at our Donvale campus arranged by appointment only.

Candy Liu, Admissions Manager
Tel: 61 3 9816 1242