Carey is a leading Christian, co-educational, independent school community committed to learning, wellbeing, service and spirituality.

What does Carey do?

We work in partnership with families to develop wise, independent and motivated young people who will engage with and lead in their local, national and global communities.

We value:

Integrity … care, honesty, morality, respect
Service …  altruism, generosity, passion, sustainability 
Spirituality … communal, contemporary, holistic, inclusive
Teamwork … collaboration, communication, initiative, leadership 
Thinking … creativity, inquisitiveness, intellect, reflection 
Wellbeing … courage, happiness, health, resilience

How does Carey distinguish itself?


At Carey learning is dynamic, empowering and lifelong. All decisions are taken to improve student learning.


At Carey we strive for excellence across the three Carey pillars: curricular, co-curricular and wellbeing.


At Carey our staff are expected to be expert in their fields, collegiate and passionate. They are supported to be the best they can be.


At Carey we nurture a balanced co-educational environment to prepare our students to lead, learn and serve with confidence, capacity and compassion.


At Carey we actively pursue social justice which is reflective of our Christian ethos.


At Carey we improve through courageous innovation, while respecting our traditions. 


At Carey we build strong relationships based on respect, trust and collaboration.