Welcome from the Principal


It is always a pleasure to welcome people to Carey, whether they are making their first contact, or are families who have associations with the School that go back generations.

Photo: Principal

As the father of two daughters, one a current Carey student, the other an Old Carey Grammarian, I also understand the hopes, questions and anxieties many parents have in considering a new school for their children. I can tell you, from my own experience, and from welcoming so many new Carey families in my time as Principal, that Carey is a friendly and inclusive community.

Why Carey?

Carey parents may be a diverse group — coming from many different cultural, social and religious backgrounds — but there is no doubt that we are all united in a common goal: wanting our children to thrive.

Schools are primarily about young people, and especially about helping them become the best they can be. We offer our girls and boys every opportunity to grow into communicative, creative, critically-thinking, curious and community-minded young adults. Carey students are offered flexible pathways to achieve their goals and develop clear strategies to achieve them. We expect our students to think, problem-solve, reflect and respond to the meaningful feedback they receive.


January 2015

Year 12 VCE and IB Results 2014

We congratulate the Class of 2014 on achieving an excellent set of results:

23% of scores were above 95 (in the top 5% of Australia)
42% obtained and ATAR of 90 or above
28% of all study scores (VCE and IB equivalent) were 40 or above
21 students, covering IB and VCE, (8%) obtained an ATAR of 99 or above

December 2014

Carey celebrates the 2014 VCE results

December is inevitably a month of great satisfaction for Carey students, staff and parents as VCE results arrive, followed by an equally celebratory time in early January when the International Baccalaureate results are presented. Whilst the Melbourne media capture the VCE moment through the publication of league tables, there is a lost opportunity for the media to join wholeheartedly in the recognition of all that it is to complete Year 12. The full picture of Year 12 is not lost on us as a school.